Helping and Leading Others    

At HALO, we provide a variety of services designed to enhance the daily life of our clients. We believe outcome based training can increase the client's self help skills, socialization and adaptive skills to reside and be a participate within the community they live in. 

Direct Support Professionals

The Direct Support Professional follows an individualized service plan for each client based on their needs. The services provided can include 24 hour in home care, attendant care, such assistance with bathing and dressing to companion care, such as meal preparation, housekeeping, errands, shopping and other fun activities to provide social inclusion and interaction.  Our support professionals have been trained to administer medication and provide delegated nursing skills.

Risk Direct Support Professionals

Our High Risk Direct Support Professionals have had additional training and been certified to offer care for our clients with behavioral or medical challenges. The client receives training to improve socialization and communication skills as well as helping with specialized diets and consistent meal planning.

Home Care Services

Our non-medical home care provider have a genuine compassion in caring for individuals who may need help, yet want to remain living in their home. If you or your loved one are needing assistance, you may call us and speak directly to a nurse who can explain all of our services and how we can best meet your needs. 

Financial Management


The Finance Manager works closely with the client to ensure their expenses are paid in a timely fashion, as well as coordinates with the Direct Support Professional in planning the allocation of funds available for grocery shopping, as well as additional social activities on a weekly basis.