HALO Inc.  

Helping and Leading Others    

Mission Statement 

HALO Inc. was built on a dream to be more than a company, to become a family. Each individual served will be treated with compassion, dignity, respect and understanding. It is our sincere desire to encourage the individuals we serve, to dream, believe and achieve the goals that are important to them.

About Us

Our CEO, Cheryl Howard has been working with adults with special needs for 37 years. Her compassion for the people she cares for has driven her to begin her own agency.

Her vision for Halo Inc. is to provide care and support services to people with disabilities and to work toward a greater understanding and further integration of challenged individuals in our community.  Our main focus is providing services that support the daily living of the people we serve.  All of our services are managed professionally by a staff of highly skilled employees. Services include residential, vocational training and assistance, and personal care support for individuals in their own home. 

Halo Inc. provides support for individuals of all ages  & gives them the opportunity to live a life with choices, independence, and dignity. We service a full range of disabilities and by supporting such a broad spectrum of individuals we have an in depth understanding of how disability affects each person’s life, and what support they need.  This allows us to successfully customize our state of the art, innovative offerings to fit the unique goals of each and every person we serve.  Additionally, without focusing on a specific disability, we are able to serve a greater number of individuals.